Frederic Robinson Releases “Mixed Signals” LP

Frederic Robinson

Frederic Robinson is a young, supremely talented electronic artist, who’s released his first LP entitled Mixed Signals this week. The album debutant, hailing from Germany, offers eclectic soundscapes throughout. A strong emphasis on texture and subtlety delivers full-bodied and well rounded tracks predominantly suited to listeners of contemporary electronica and intelligent drum and bass. Whilst much of this record satisfies the pensive listener, it is not short of the more upfront tracks that still benefit from carrying a well constructed complexity. Tracks such as Theme Park, Vamp Till Ready and Off Topic are instantaneously accessible but just as clever as the rest.

Mixed Signals features vocal appearances from Melanie Robinson on several tracks, as well as guest production duties for Stray on the emotive, choral track, Bloom. With all of the relevant sonic hallmarks, this record is unsurprisingly out on Blu Mar Ten Music – an outfit who seem to have plucked a gem of a producer at the forefront of drum and bass innovation and reinvention. Most encouraging of all, perhaps, is that a huge debut promises a continuation of melodic, intricate follow ups for the magnificent 21 year old.

Check the LP out here:


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