Mike Skinner, Reinvented


The Dot is made up of two male musicians. The first needs no introduction, Mike Skinner. Alongside him is Rob Harvey, formerly of The Music. You could categorise the duo as a new act but the experience that makes up the act is far from new. With around about two decades of experience in the music industry between them, this is a pair of creative minds that have fallen at the end of their respective projects to create something refreshing and eclectic.

In his book The Story of The Streets, Skinner professes to have “lost the ability to sleep” whilst in the process of making of his fourth album and put this down to working too hard and “staring at a laptop for 20 hours a day”.This tireless work ethic is evident in the time span between The D.O.T’s two LPs, And That (October 2012) and Diary (May 2013). In both albums, Skinner takes a backseat role as a producer with the occasional vocal contribution, letting Rob Harvey take the lead with his emotive tones. However, this is nothing new for Skinner, as he wrote, rapped, sung, produced and mastered all of The Streets’ five studio albums. Both albums are bold, original and eclectic. Original Pirate Material, it seems, can be seen as a motto for Skinner when creating new content, as well as a name for a landmark debut album.

Throughout his career, the word original can be seen as a recurring theme for Skinner. From OPM through to Computers and Blues, originality is a staple proudly transparent in every release. Those of you who are proper fan boys of Skinner would have noticed that he has also tried his hand at DJing; his UK dates include clubs Gorilla (Manchester) and Nest (London).  He regularly posts on his blog and has even tried his hand at film making with a short film called SpoilerAlert (see above), which was aired on Channel 4 under their art strand Random Acts. This inquisitive and simultaneously brave attitude is something that can be admired in Skinner and something that will stand him in good stead to remain a staple creative force in the UK for the foreseeable future. His innovative and brave approach comes through in his projects. His DJ sets are full of character and The D.O.Ts music videos are more like art projects. See How We All Lie and its use of unique filming techniques.

With his age and with what he has already achieved, Skinner can find himself in a unique position. He’s done the groundwork. He can now, sort of, muck about and test the waters in new territories. Skinner is a forward thinking, lone riding creative who is proven, respected and admired by many. With a book, film soundtrack (The Inbetweeners) and seven very good studio albums already under his belt, this isn’t the last we will see of him. The D.O.T may just be the start of something special in the ever meandering trajectory of Mike Skinner. Watch this space.


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