Doc Daneeka Set to Release ‘Walk On In’ EP

Doc Daneeka

Welsh electronic producer Doc Daneeka is back and, with the help of feature collaborator Ratcatcher, is providing a fresh house number with an obvious nod to the dancefloor of the nineties. Initially, the track provides a somewhat sparse formula, consisting of a beat and R&B soaked vocal accompanied by a atmospheric vinyl crackle. Emerging from that hollowed out affair, the track’s layers soon evolve. It isn’t long before we see the arrival of a swinging groove amongst hats, claps and a repetition of the trademark vocal line matching that of its namesake, ensuring you’ll never forget what this one was called. Out on Numbers on November 4th, this release  is due to come with a darker B-Side entitled Trife Pt. II. All in all, it’s sure to be a more than accessible one for the crate,  so don’t miss out.

A two minute snippet of the track can be streamed here:


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