The ‘USED’ Series: A Quintessential Art in Crate Digging

Fake Blood 1

It’s easy to picture artists at the forefront of sampling. We can quickly visualise Moby finding a winning sample almost forever lost in a bygone era, or Norman Cook plucking a Nina Simone vocal from his wall-to-wall vinyl collection. The sample has become a mainstay of modern music production for many, none less than that of the hip hop world. The avid among us may have longed to know what some of those carefully selected snippets were that made classics out of hip hop singles. So, without further ado, we present to you Fake Blood’s ‘USED’ series.

After scouring the earth for the songs behind the samples, he’s delivered a selection of tracks to impress even the most esteemed of vinyl collectors. From a vast array of musical backgrounds, each mix alone is comprised of funky basslines, disco synths,  rhodes keys, muted trumpets and jazz flutes. Beyond the sheer efforts to create something so innovative is material that surprises you at each new song’s turn.

The series has now reached a startling seven volumes  and amounts to just shy of that in terms of hours, so when it comes to identifying all of the tracks, we wish you the very best of luck (please contact us if you do). Be prepared as you keep your ears out for those samples you’ve managed to put your finger on.

Our feelings about it all are probably best summed up by an anonymous Soundcloud user, who called it a ‘labour of love‘ and subsequently ‘thanked him for the history lesson‘. Fake Blood, we thank you too.


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