R&S Records Celebrates 30 Years with Compilation

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R&S makes its home in London now, yet it was thirty years ago that Renaat Vandepapeliere created a label, disgruntled with Belgium’s music scene, fuelled by commercial music and poor mimetism. Fast forward thirty years and R&S has become a label at the forefront of innovation, pioneering classic techno records before splintering in all manner of electronic directions. As the label reaches its impressive and enduring milestone, a compilation covering the span of R&S’ releases is encapsulated within thirty songs. The proverbial dust has been blown off a few tracks that best grasp what R&S has been all about. All bases are covered as we’re subject to Jam and Spoon’s ’92 house classic Stellathrough to the modern majesty of Cloud Boat, who released their Book of Hours LP this year.

Chronology is out of the window, as the track list has undergone alphabetisation, sure to cue moments of unplanned late eighties nostalgia in between the likes of newer producers such as the unmistakable James Blake and the enigmatic London producer, Pariah.

No less than three anniversary parties will commence to commemorate such an event, taking place in London, Berlin and The Hague. If you can’t make them, at least you’ve got the opportunity to invest just over a fiver next week to get hold of the digital release.

30 Years of R&S Records is available to buy digitally from the 21st October.

01. 69 – Desire
02. Airhead – Pyramid Lake
03. Alex Smoke – Dust
04. Aphex Twin – Xtal
05. Biosphere – Cloud Walker II
06. Blawan – Shader
07. Capricorn – 20 Hz
08. Cloud Boat – Bastion
09. DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo – Toh Sui
10. Egyptian Hip Hop – SYH
11. Jacob’s Optical Stairway – Solar Feelings
12. Jam & Spoon – Stella
13. James Blake – I Only Know (What I Know Now)
14. Jaydee – Plastic Dreams
15. Joey Beltram – Energy Flash
16. Ken Ishii – Extra
17. Lone – Airglow Fires
18. Model 500 – I Wanna Be There
19. Mundo Musique – Andromeda
20. Nadine Shah – Floating
21. Outlander – Vamp
22. Pariah – Prism
23. Robert Leiner- Dream Or Reality
24. Second Phase – Mentasm
25. Space Dimension Controller -The Love Quadrant
26. Sun Electric – O’Loco (Karma Sutra mix)
27. Synkro – Broken Promise
28. Tree – Demons
29. u-Ziq – phi*1700 (u/v)
30. Vondelpark – California Analog Dream


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