The Revolutionaries – Kunta Kinte Dub

Revolutionaries and Upsetters

Kunta Kinte Dub is the 1976 track from The Revolutionaries, house band for legendary Channel One Studios. The Revolutionaries would be a pivotal part of both the dub and reggae scene in the late 1970s, producing forward thinking audio that explored Jamaican culture and political tensions in a decade of scrutiny and external pressure. This track nods to the historical relevance of slavery and Kinte’s journey in enslavement to North America, a story more widely brought to light during the airing of the famous television series, Roots.

Kunta Kinte Dub begins with an unforgettable melody, instantly recognisable and later sampled in 1992, with the arrival of The Prodigy’s third single,  ‘Jericho‘. It is a mightily impressive example of dub work, with shifting hats and a textured drum track that make a statement to dancefloor listeners. The Revolutionaries’ dub imprint has clearly gone a long way to inform a later electronic sound – the trademark echo pertinent to dub from the late 1960’s onwards has been widely utilised in electronic music since, making its imprint known in dubstep, jungle and 2-step. These archetypal components can now be seen as familiar to the modern day likes of Mala or Loefah. In fact, the quality of this production is rooted only in the 1970s by it’s slight lack of clarity in audio – something which only serves to add to the track’s appeal. You can check it here:


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