John Talabot – Without You (Reduced Mix Version)


Whilst we eagerly anticipate the arrival of Talabot’s take on the enduring episodes of DJ Kicks, the Spanish producer has provided us with a new exclusive, entitled Without You. Talabot completed the number whilst on his European expeditions, with debut airplay on Belgian show Sterrenplaten on Radio Scorpio. True to form, the track consists of a huge array of percussive timbres. Accompanied by steady 4/4, Without You boasts an intermittent, reverb-swathed vocal and his archetypal hard-panned, distant synths that were featured all over his LP, fIN. That foregrounded synth is altogether more biting, offering up a subtle yet memorable hook. We can expect a cultured entry to the series from John Talabot, who will provide us with a better understanding of the tracks that really matter to him. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait this one out and make do with this snippet.

John Talabot’s edition of the DJ Kicks series will be available on the 12th November.


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