Pariah – Detroit Falls


Pariah is a young London-based artist who began to emerge in the wake of many new contemporaries within the capital’s network, notably being artists such as Burial and James Blake. Detroit Falls was presented to us on wax in 2010 for the legendary and enduring label R&S Records, who have just recently released a celebratory anniversary compilation album. The proverbial finger is hard to place on this one; the track rests somewhere on an electronic dialectic between dubstep and trip-hop. It’s hardly surprising, as 2010/2011 was an important year for the reawakening of British electronic music. Pariah’s mode of production only serves to add to the smorgasbord of subgenres exploding during the time, like post-dubstep and future garage.

Detroit Falls is a treat, with Jah dub sound Orpheus standing as the B-Side offering. What sets Detroit Falls apart  is Pariah’s ability to switch it up with the rhythm and synth constantly fluctuating around the stereo field. More impressive than that, however, is the soul-soaked intermittent vocal sampling of the gracefully-ageing R&B number I’ve Never Begged Before by The Originals. This well worked vocal sample adds a warmth and a sensibility that lovers of producers such as Flying Lotus will like champion. This track ignores boundaries and pushes that trip-hop/dubstep crossover that stylistically looks towards the late J Dilla but possesses something fresh all of its own. Expect to hear more from the enigmatic Pariah in the not too distant future.


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