Etherwood – ‘Etherwood’ Album Review


Etherwood is the most recent signing to Hospital Records’ sister label Med School and looks to be one of the most promising young talents that Drum and Bass has to offer. Leaving his grass roots in Lincoln and moving to London, Etherwood’s self-titled album made its long-anticipated debut at #11 in the UK Independent Album Chart and peaked at #4 in the UK Dance Album Chart.

Etherwood’s album draws upon on a variety of different sounds, pleasing the listening palletes of liquid and intelligent drum and bass listeners. Etherwood is one of those rare artists in the drum and bass scene that makes you feel emotionally connected to the sound, with beautiful piano melodies, expert percussion and soothing sub-bass lines at the forefront of his sound.

The album opens with absolute clarity with Begin By Letting Go. It draws listeners into Etherwood’s beautifully created soundscape and begins to take them on a transcendent journey into the realm of intelligent drum and bass. The track features Etherwood’s own vocals and lyrics, which begin to immediately take hold of the senses and evoke a deeper emotional response than your ordinary ‘bass face’. This feeling is backed up in the second song Weightless which features simple piano riffs and a more complex Future Jungle sounding drum production which really showcases the talent this young producer grasps.

Etherwood’s album features a whole host of collaborators, many of which are recognisable to the avid Hospital Records fan. Falling Out Of Consciousness consists of soothing vocals, a dreamy soundscape, and sweeping percussion. The track employs the vocal talents of Georgia Yates and Bev lee Harling (both prominent names in the drum and bass scene) who have previously collaborated with Netsky, Enei and a number of other producers.  The three together create an introspective and calming sound, moving away from your ordinary drum and bass composition and offering listeners a safe-haven in sound, providing relaxing vocals and remedying musical production.

On the whole, Etherwood’s album evidences that he is one of the few artists paving the way for the new era of drum and bass. He is one of those who is positively shaping the future for producers to explore a new type of sound, a real sound which holds emotion and meaning, impacting listeners in all aspects of their lives and not just for that brief euphoric moment on a night out. Gone are the days where big bass lines and simple drum arrangements are enough to get listeners passionate about what you do as a producer. We welcome the new-school of producers with open arms and, with Etherwood paving the way, you can be sure the drum and bass scene is something to be watching and getting excited about again.


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