Swingnut and Bailey – Detriment

Bailey Artwork

Detriment is the first composition to be officially released by upcoming Future Garage producers Swingnut & Bailey. Based in Nottingham, these producers have been spending the past few months locked inside their studio, finely perfecting their craft. A relatively new genre, Future Garage holds its roots firmly in the UK Garage and 2-step scene, yet the sound is very different to its late 90’s counterpart. Characterised by syncopated kick drums, broken percussion, 2-step drum production and dark ambience, Future Garage is the logical producer’s answer to the decline in the quality of Dubstep that has occurred since its introduction to the mainstream.

Detriment, although minimal, consists of expert percussion, beautiful synth melodies, deep sub-bass and echoing vocals all infused to create a dark, astral tone that underpins the track. The track cleverly switches up half way through into minimal Dubstep, evidencing the strong link with the 2-step Future Garage sound. Preceded by a break-down in the middle eight of the track, this transition is executed with absolute clarity and eventually moves back into the garage sound to finish the track, leaving us listeners yearning for more.

With more material in the pipeline, Swingnut and Bailey are the ones to be looking out for as 2014 draws near, and we are personally excited to see what the future holds for these two budding producers.


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