Interview: London Elektricity

Tony Colman

I recently caught up with Hospital Records C.E.O Tony Colman, better known for his stage name London Elektricity to see what we can expect from the independent label in 2014, and why after 18 years, he’s still pushing the sound of Drum and Bass to the masses.

Based in South London, Hospital Records was born in 1996 and has been at the forefront of Drum and Bass ever since. Pushing through some of the finest producers Drum and Bass has ever seen, Hospital Records is home to some of the scenes most prominent names: Netsky, Camo & Krooked, Danny Byrd, High Contrast, Fred V & Grafix, S.P.Y, Nu:Tone,  Logistics, Metrik and of course London Elektricity.

2013 was a massive year for Hospital, with some exceptional releases upon the label. Can you give our readers any hints of what to look out for over the next year? 

To be honest we took a slight breather in 2013. 2014 will be a lot busier! Look out for new albums by Royalston on Medschool, the Hospital ‘We Are 18‘ compilation of exclusive new music in January, new albums from Fred V & Grafix, S.P.Y and Metrik, a new EP and mix album from Etherwood – that’s all in the first half of the year.

Many producers who have been in the drum and bass scene since the early days have lost faith in it and sadly given up on producing. Hospital and yourself have been around since these early days, what makes you keep your faith in the drum and bass scene? 

It’s the most exciting genre of music I know. I love it and I can’t imagine being involved in any other genre. It keeps evolving.  It’s probably the most difficult electronic music to make well. It’s challenging and it’s amazing to play out and to dance to.

You’ve hinted that you have new material in the pipeline, with some of your new tracks being played upon the Hospital Podcasts. Can we expect to see a new album from yourself in the coming year?

I don’t think this year I’ll be ready to release my next album sadly. I have my hands full with all the other artists I’m looking after. I’d love to do it, but I don’t want to make any false promises until I know it’s ready.

Getting yourself noticed as a producer in drum and bass can be quite difficult. Any hints or tips for upcoming producers and how they can break into scene? 

Be original. Never ever sound like anyone else. Work harder than every other artist. Don’t expect to get rich. Enjoy the journey!

Here’s a taster for 2014’s sound. Upcoming on the ‘Hospital: We Are 18 Compilation’: 


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