Simian Mobile Disco Release Snake Bile Wine


For the best part of a decade, Simian Mobile Disco have been at the forefront of creating innovative electronic music and they have returned with the release of Snake Bile Wine, the lead track on the 12” EP that shares the same name. The seemingly venomous drink which is celebrated in Vietnam provides an apt description for a hard hitting, bass-centric track.

Eight minutes consist of classy, resonant synths offered over a backdrop of classic house percussion, open hats and all. Our breakdown leads us to a church bell-like resonator with a growing synth presence. At the crescendo, we’re back to a stripped-back, percussion driven affair.

Snake Bile Wine is supported by remixes on the B Side from Trevino, the techno alias of Marcus Intalex. Released on wax on the 20th January, SMD have made the track available for streaming. It’s also available digitally the following week on their label Delicacies, which has been putting out its fair share of strong release since 2010.


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