Galimatias & Sorrow – Subside


Sorrow has been churning out a niche brand of moody, intricate electronica for a number of years. Not long after releasing the Warring E.P. in the back end of last year, Sorrow collaborates with the highly talented and flourishing Galimatias, an artist who personally claims that Sorrow was a key part of his work in electronic music since 2011. This release continues in that dream-like vein that is signature to the sound of both artists and is very generous and warmly welcomed freebie on their Soundcloud pages.

Subside works at a house tempo with a garage-influenced swing. It’s very much an approachable affair all round, with deep sub-kicks, crisp percussion and subtly applied synth leads. Vocal samples intermittently enter the fray in a stylish and well worked arrangement. Other later elements such as a triangle wave and electronic snare all add to the dynamic in a track which can still be plucked from the grasp of the internet completely free of charge – grab it while you still can.


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