Groove Armada – Pork Soda


Legendary British duo Groove Armada return with the release of the EP Pork Soda, consisting of three electronic tracks, all cutting a rough and edgy house formula. After an enduring career and the release of eight studio albums, there has been something of a lull in their releases since 2010. Findlay and Cato bring forth their release on Moda Black, label of Jaymo and Andy George.

If you’ve not heard Groove Armada for a while, then don’t be judging this one with any preconceptions. The duo are working a slightly different angle to much of their earlier productions. Pork Soda turns to the darker dance floor, with sub-bass shuffles and intentionally sharp percussion. There’s also the inclusion of just the one classic vocal sample from the archives of old skool nostalgia. We reach a chordy, somewhat unanticipated breakdown before returning to the hypnotic bass groove that’s sure to provide the hook.


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