Reverend and The Makers – Your House Or Mine?

Reverend and The Makers have been busy recently, organising and playing free gigs at fans houses in promotion of their latest record Thirty Two. The approach has been a mix of old and new.

Playing free gigs for fans is D.I.Y culture at its purest. It’s almost unheard of now for artists to be mixing with fans, chatting and playing them a few tunes along the way, albeit in their own house. Twitter has made this possible. The concept is simple; pre order their new album Thirty Two and tweet @Reverend_Makers and you may get a gig at your house. Yes, Reverend and The Makers have always done things slightly differently.

When Arctic Monkeys blew up in 2006, a raft of average indie bands surfaced. The indie-post punk revival became a real business opportunity for major labels and a wealth of mediocre bands  flooded our airwaves through 2007-2008. The Strokes, The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys and Babyshambles were perhaps the big four. Although not matching the cult status of these major outfits, Reverend and The Makers refused to imitate the crowd and did things their own way. They have bared the fruits for being independent and have proved their longevity against their contemporaries.

They are going at their own pace and are counting their blessings that their passion is their living. For this, Reverend and The Makers deserve a lot of respect. Thirty Two (on Cooking Vinyl Records) is out soon. Watch this space. 


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