Interview: Reverend and The Makers


We recently caught up with Rev of Reverend and the Makers to talk gigs, Sheffield and house parties.

Hi Rev, you’ve been doing a lot of house gigs recently. How did the idea come about?

It’s like an extension of what I’ve always done – put on mad raves and parties and stuff. I just like the idea of creating a special vibe with the fans. Music these days feels kind of soulless and corporate and there’s something beautiful about being crammed like sardines going nuts in a terraced house in Whitehaven on a Sunday night isn’t there?

It shows a closeness to fans and is how a lot of bands start out, but you’re not starting out. You’re an established band. What attracted you to do house gigs?

It gets boring, doesn’t it. Record album, tour album, do festivals. Repeat. I have such a laugh doing them . I guess we’ve got this cult following now and part of that is from word of mouth . Also, the songs are about real life and real people; it’s hard to write about those people if you never actually go out and meet any.

That connection to your roots is something you are very proud of, being Sheffield of course. Sheffield is great for music isn’t it? Richard Hawley, Arctic Monkeys, Toddla T and Mongrel to name all but a few. How much job satisfaction do you get by helping out your fellow local lads?

I love Sheffield. Our music is a cross between the electro roots of Human League, Cabs , Heaven 17 and the more lyrical stuff that Jarvis started and that made Alex so successful. It gives me a real buzz to see anyone from Sheffield doing well to be honest. We have a band called Liberty Ship from Sheffield coming on tour with us and they are just class. They’re only young too which gives me a lot of hope. I’m 32 now, so it’s good to see the next generation making bangers.


Tramlines, how is that going? We’re right you are involved behind the scenes at the festival?

I was in the first year. Now it’s run by some other people. I have an idea of what a festival should be. Id like to put one on someday maybe.

You’re still going strong in 2014 whilst it could be argued many bands that were around in 2007 have faded. In what way is the 2014 Reverend and The Makers sound different to the 2007 Sound?

I guess it’s a lot to do with the spirit of the band. In the same way punk rock wasn’t musically brand new it carried within it a spirit which was the point. I guess a lot of people miss the point of our band but equally there’s a growing number of folk who listen to our records and have this “fuckin hell their actually pretty decent these eh?” moment. So I guess that combined with us being good live at festivals and stuff has helped us a lot. I’d like to think making good records has something to do with it n’ all, haha.


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