Kimyan Law – Run Ames (ft. Robert Manos)

As a 19 year old, multi-talented creative, it is safe to say that life has been somewhat turbulent for Kimyan Law, born Nico Mpunga.  Born into conflict, his family were exiled from the Congo, birthplace of his father. Settling as a youngster in Austria, homeland of his Mother, he sought refuge in an introspective fashion, experimenting with music creation.

A victim of the conflict in Congo and, alongside racial prejudices, Mpunga had turned his attention to musical pastures by first working with household items to develop compositions. Fast forward five years and his unprecedented electronic sensibility combines with an intuitive relationship with acoustic instruments. The resulting effect is an array of songs, self-described as portraits, which loosely borrow a drum and bass imprint and are embellished by beautiful real-world timbres.

Last week saw the debut of his first LP release on Blu Mar Ten Music, entitled Coeur Calme. Run Ames, which features the talented Robert Amos on vocals. This was one of the first examples of his immaculate production, merging the electronic and the real with great prowess. Kimyan Law has arrived.



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