Bok Bok – Da Foxtrot

Bok Bok, the founder of prolific label Night Slugs has returned this year with the EP Your Charizmatic Self. With forward-thinking production being the order of the day on a label comprised of multi-genre productions, it’s no surprise that Da Foxtrot is an inventive and innovative piece of music.

Da Foxtrot appears as the EP’s third track and it is not something to be pinned down. – a fluid and evolving composition spans percussion of an almost techno sensibility, all whilst incorporating synthesizers that would blend into the 1980’s electronic R&B era.

The sparse use of hats has a profound effect, momentarily switching the beat up to double time before it falls back away into a truly soulful dimension, layered with large electronica and those wide, reverberating percussive elements. The smoothest of synthesizers grace a constantly moving track, polished by fidgeting drum fills, mysterious vocals, glistening bells and marimbas.


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