Kanye West has again made headlines this week. He was reportedly an hour late on stage at his own show in California, entered a 20 minute rant then left the stage. Kanye has a history of ranting. The Zane Lowe interview, wireless festival a few years back. However this time it was different.

In previous rants, Kanye has had a kind of point or purpose. The Zane Lowe interview he made clear what his grievances are with the fashion world, he’s condemned paparazzi treatment of him and his family on chat shows. What’s more is when he had something to protest about before, he’s carried on and delivered a world class show for fans.

This week was different however. He ranted, then walked offstage. Fans confused, angry, disappointed. Video footage shows the 20 min rant, then Kanye tying his shoes, then walking off. Furthermore, on this particular rant, there was no coherent point made. He called out Beyonce, Jay Z, Mark Zuckerburg and Hilary Clinton in a bizarre nonsensical rant.

On this occasion fans can’t defend him. He’s made his own fans angry. Those who would normally leap to his defence have been left hundreds of dollars out of pocket. He has bitten the hand that feeds him and his usual disciples can’t defend him.

Watch the full rant below



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